Gas Money Book by Troy Lewis

Gas Money Book by Troy Lewis - Gas Money is a collection of true stories told from the perspective of a six-year-old black boy growing up in 1960s Virginia and his soul-searching journey over the next five decades.  Packed with much humor, lots of inspiration and occasional sadness, Gas Money is a heartwarming, honest narrative that shows how the everyday people we come in contact with can shape our lives forever.

speaking engagements

Troy Lewis is a dynamic motivational speaker who delivers highly interactive and thought-provoking talks on personal empowerment, life lessons and living graciously.

Through his personal experiences, he will show your audience the power of Gas Money and how it can be applied to everyone's daily life.


- Troy Lewis Speaker Highlights Reel


- NAACP Annual Fundraiser Banquet - October 21, 2017

Troy Lewis was the keynote speaker at the NAACP Unit 7091 Annual Freedom Fund Banquet held at historic Christ Church in Christchurch, Virginia.

On behalf of Middlesex County NAACP Unit 7091, I thank you for being our speaker at our Freedom Fund Banquet. You were OUTSTANDING! Your presentation was engaging and your story of your long distance friendship was heart-wrenching and hopeful! You blended our theme, “No Turning Back”, seamlessly into your presentation and left us believing Love can conquer all!

We wish you continued success and Godspeed on your journey. If we can be of assistance in the future, feel free to call on us. Thank you again.
— Minister Davelin Gresham, President

- Calvary Youth Enrichment Summer Camp - July 25, 2017

Troy Lewis spoke with teen members of the Leaders of Tomorrow Class at the Calvary Youth Enrichment Summer Camp in Morristown, New Jersey.

Thanks to Troy for taking the time out of his busy schedule today to meet with our Youth Enrichment Summer Camp aka YES Camp. Our Leaders of Tomorrow Class (LOT) has been reading Troy’s book Gas Money, and they have enjoyed learning about all of the “Gas Money” life lessons that are shared throughout his book.

I also appreciate that Troy took the time to join us for lunch, and then speak with all of the students in our camp and answer their questions.

Troy is obviously a gifted writer, but even more impressive is his outstanding character and the inspirational wisdom that he provided for both our staff and students.
— Ricky Osborne, Director, YES Camp

- Motivational Talk at Providence Middle School - April 6, 2017

Troy Lewis shared life lessons with 7th and 8th graders at Providence Middle School in Richmond, Virginia.

I cannot put into words the feelings of what I experienced yesterday at Providence Middle School with our kids in the MEGA Mentors and Young Men on a Mission programs.

Troy encouraged a room of 7th grade girls holding their attention for over an hour, took a 15 minute break, and then proceeded to encourage a room full of 8th graders for 1 1/2 hours. It was all the things a parent hopes their child experiences in a learning environment and in life; hope, love, encouragement, understanding, thought-provoking. He is a true role model.

Thank you Troy Lewis for traveling in the wee hours from NY to bless our youth.
— Gwen Epps, Female Lead Coordinator, MEGA Mentors

- Creative Writing Workshop at Roxbury High School - October 27, 2016

In fall 2016, Gas Money was added to the curriculum of Roxbury High School in Succasunna, New Jersey.  Troy Lewis was invited to speak with over 30 students involved in the Creative Writing course.  During the 6-hour workshop, he outlined his approach to the writing process and offered tips on "how to get started" while discussing Gas Money themes applicable to the students' lives. 

Troy established an immediate rapport with our students. His candor, sensitivity, honesty, and ability to discuss powerful, personal aspects of his youth while growing up as a young black man before and during the Civil Rights era both profoundly and intensely resonated with our high schoolers. The dialogue was real and very relevant, and Troy fielded all questions with his trademark openness, sharing himself with the students. Troy is a natural in front of a crowd of any age, and the students particularly enjoyed his humor and perspective as he discussed inelegant aspects of our country’s peoples and history with his own elegance and grace.

As an educator, I highly recommend Troy as both an informative and inspirational speaker for the high school environment. Our first invitation to Troy was to present his book, “Gas Money”, and his writing process to our Creative Writing classes. In fact, his message would be just as meaningful to a general assembly; Troy’s experiences and his inspiring way of communicating them are an excellent lesson in perseverance, self-discovery, and empathy. We hope to welcome Troy back into our school environment in the near future.
— Donna Rasmussen, Literacy Advocate/Librarian

- Friends in Need Children's Center Fundraiser Event - May 7, 2016

Troy Lewis was the Guest Speaker at the Fourth Annual Spring Fundraiser at Addison Park in Aberdeen, New Jersey.

Troy Lewis is a wonderful presenter who pulled the heart strings of our guests through his heartfelt stories about growing up as a young boy in the south! His book “Gas Money” is an inspiration to the young and old. Troy is to be commended on his ability to overcome adversity! His message to youth and adults clearly screams to stay positive during negative times and lean towards doing the right things; you will have a brighter future ahead!
— Kathy Williams, Founder of Friends in Need Children's Center


- Black History Month at Green Grove Elementary School - February 1, 2016

Troy Lewis was featured as a Black History Month Mentor speaking to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at Green Grove Elementary School in Neptune, New Jersey.


- NEXT Career Design - November 7, 2015

On November 7th, Troy Lewis was a speaker at the NEXT Career Design event.  The event was held at the Kean University STEM Building in Union, New Jersey.  A book signing followed his presentation.

I met Troy in October 2015 through his speaking engagement at the Next Career Design launch event. The event featured speakers inspiring others to take action, connect and create their life possibilities.

Troy shared re-imagining his life from pharmaceutical executive to self published author. We experienced his transformational journey through reflections on conversations with friends and family. They brought him to the realization that he could be a powerful storyteller making a difference in other people’s lives.

Troy spoke about the wisdom he gained from the generosity of others - no matter how seemingly insignificant at the time. His experiences as a young black boy in the segregated south and throughout the rest of his life are engaging lessons that everyone can relate to and want to share.

Troy is warm, authentic and giving. Beneath his soft-spoken quietness lies a magnetic wit and humor. He donated his time because he saw himself in our mission to create a movement connecting people transforming careers and creating lifestyles they love. From our first conversation, we connected around our interest in finding our own “best selves” and bringing our perspective to others. We spoke more often as the event drew near and I was impressed with his preparation and desire to make a lasting impression with every attendee. I am grateful for Troy’s selfless contribution to a successful event and his impact with our audience.

Troy’s book, “Gas Money”, is a testament to his openness, perseverance and deep connection with humanity. I hope it is the first of many projects he gives to the world.
— June M. Archer, Founder of NEXT Career Design

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